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Food Truck Menu

The current Food Truck Menu can be found here. We are constantly looking to provide fresh, delicious food to the local clients we enjoy serving. For this reason, our menu does change with the seasons, and most staples will always be served. We do run weekly specials and constantly are trying to


Q: "What's the difference between this sandwich and that sandwich?"


A: For the love of god, please read the menu descriptions!!!


Q: Do you accommodate vegan or vegetarian requests?


A: We have existing menu items that are vegetarian (Mac and Cheese, Cucumber Salad, and Coleslaw).


Vegan...Absolutely NOT.  Nothing against our vegan friends, but the way we prepare our items in our day to day operations does not lend itself to the strict standards of food preparation that vegan food requires (we don't want to cook your BBQ'd jackfruit sandwich on a gluten-free bun on the same grill we just cooked 10 lbs of bacon on).


Q: "I have a latex allergy. Do you use latex gloves when cooking?"


A: No.  We use Nitrile gloves so those with latex allergies can still enjoy our food.


Q: Why do you call your Mac and Cheese, "Slap Yo Mama Mac and Cheese"?


A:  No, of course, we don't advocate seriously slapping your mother..."The origin of this phrase traces its roots to the southern states of the U.S. When first coined it meant someone had just tasted something so delectable it caused them to be angry towards their mother for never creating food equally as tasty... angry enough to slap her."  It really is that good! So calm down...It's a good thing!!!!


Q: How much does it cost to bring the truck to a venue?


A: Our starting price is $1500.  This includes a 3-hour service window, a basic menu of Pulled Pork, Brisket, Mac and Cheese, Baked Beans, and Coleslaw; enough food for up to 60 people.


Q: Will you bring your truck out to an event with less than 75 people?


A: Absolutely, for the starting price of $1500.



Q: When I get catering, is it all you can eat?


A: No, we price our catering by average portion size per person. If you have a group of big eaters or would like more of one or two items, we can definitely work with you!


Q: Do you do drop-off or pick up catering?


A: Yes, we do drop off, but we need to evaluate on a case by case basis on what jobs we can accommodate.


Q: Do you provide a catering contract for catering events?


A: Yes, we do.  All catering jobs will have a contract attached to it.


Q: How far will you travel for catering?


A: We take catering jobs on a case by case basis.  Any job outside of a 20-mile radius will have a travel fee attached to it.


Our passion is bringing food to you, and now we can do that even at your most elegant event.  

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