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$aturday $avings, BBQ Benedict, #GivingThanks

Tomorrow 11/20/2021, we will be serving at the following locations, the following deals! Make your plans now, there will be a limited supply!

$aturday $avings... Our signature Sour Beef and Chicken & Dumplings will be on a $teal at the Restaurant (open 7a-8p) and at Independent Brewing Co. (12-9p) FOR ONLY $10!!!

Our Texas trip inspired us to come up with a new twist on an old favorite! For Breakfast at the Restaurant, we will be slinging a delicious Pulled Pork Barbecue Benedict!... make those plans now to order delivery or swing on in! Breakfast is served 7a-1p

Orders will be closing Sunday morning for Thanksgiving Meals, Pies, & Sides... so don't wait, we don't want you to be too late!

Don't forget to get on the books now for your Holiday Soiree! Many dates are already filled!

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